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Tassels for Graduation

GraduatePro carries a substantial amount of graduation tassels as well as graduation tassel year charms to equip graduates with the perfect add-ons to their graduation packages. Selectable graduation ceremony tassels include pre-k tassels, high school tassels, college tassels, and custom graduation tassels. Made up of a bunch of threads hanging from the tassel knot connected with a golden alloy-plated clasp and optional year-dated graduation tassel charms, GraduatePro's graduation tassels for sale are the indispensable component of the graduation commencement. Year signets are available in both silver and gold finish and have 4 digitals. With regards to colors available in stock, you can find gold tassels, white tassels, blue tassels, red tassels, green tassels, black tassels, purple tassels, and orange tassels here. Other types of grad tassels like two color graduation tassels are under development and you're welcome to contact us if you need those multiple-color graduation tassels.